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Why Are You Watching This Video?

You’re watching this video because it’s time to think BIG. You see, today there are successful companies that simply took a brilliant idea, automated it, and made a ton of money. If you are familiar with apps like Uber or Airbnb that revolutionized business by simply creating an app + software that brings the right people together, then you understand. The ADC Network is a similar concept however, the function is a little different for each business niche we serve. The app is like an ecosystem of businesses, buyers and consultants all working for the good of the ADC Network. For a small startup cost, you gain lifetime access to exclusive services and of course, everyone in the Network who provides everything you need to succeed. 

The biggest problem with apps like Airbnb or investing in an e-commerce store is that most companies fail. The ADC Network provides literally everyone and everything you need to scale a business over time without having to do most of the work. Let’s face it … you can’t run a company alone but for a one-time fee, you can gain lifetime access to people who will do the work for you. 

How Can Consulting Automation Help Me?

This business-in-a-box offer will continue to make more money over time, growing exponentially as the Network branches out. The reason it is effective is that the software makes it possible to connect high-ticket leads to service providers. The ADC is no different than Uber in that we simply make the connection via an app + software. However, the biggest difference is that with the ADC Network there is no risk because we assume all of the liability. 

Now you can: 

  • Own a profitable business without offering services
  • Have lifetime access to an app that delivers customers
  • Leverage the ADC Network to generate traffic
  • Build a business that actually succeeds!


Joining the ADC Network is a no-brainer. There is no risk, as the business automation has already been tested and proven to work. It’s simple: join the ADC Network and gain a proven profitable business with a 12-month guarantee. You will make 100%  of your investment back in 6 months or we’ll give you back your 25K – no questions asked! 

It all starts with your FREE webinar. We will discuss your current business strategies, and offer you an exclusive inside look into the most profitable opportunities available. After the call, you’ll know exactly what to do because … We did the work. We have the proof. It’s ALL DONE. 

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