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Then I have the PERFECT solution for you.

If you’re reading this...

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To making consistent money online...

On your terms.


The ADC Automation Network

A Copywriting | Business Growth Automation service designed to deliver DFY services to the market.

We Offer Done For You Services to the Following Markets

So You May be Thinking

Why Sell For ADC?

Before I got started in the niche that I am in today. I was 26 sleeping on my mom’s air mattress. I never had $4,000 saved. No id, car, or cash. I found my first client after weeks of cold calls.

A banker in London. After 6 months of emails. He gave me a job. He paid for my site Since then I’ve built 12 successful automation pipelines. Closed +100 deals. +2MM in revenue with bank statements to prove it.

Let Me Show You Some Of


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I 'm Often Asked...


I’ve averaged a high ticket deal every week for the past two years for the following reasons.

See How I Stacked The Offer To...

Make Partners Love Sending Money

After listening to the feedback from thousands of potential business partners. I was able to develop a software to solve all of their complaints, wants and needs.

Introducing The...

ADC Automation Network App's

"Partner Portal"

An All in One Solution for Business Partners

Problem: Business partners don’t have a platform to purchase online businesses with recourse.

Solution: Create the blockchain of business purchasing. Connect partners & sellers. Hide nothing.

Who it Helps: Potential Business Partners looking to create cashflow online.

Looking Ahead: Connecting partners through a network attracts the best opportunities and the highest returns while also protecting the short + long term interests of all parties involved.

The Partner Portal was designed to revolutionize the way people acquire online businesses. People go to Amazon and expect to receive their order or their money back. We are creating a similar platform but acquiring 20-100K cash flowing assets.

See How...

I Made the same Irresistible offer for YOU

In the next 6 months I’m going to put an 8 figure consulting network in the palm of your hands.

Introducing The...

ADC Automation Network App's

"Consultant Portal"

An All in One Solution for Automation Consultants

Problem: Most sales positions don’t pay enough; saturated markets. Not enough leads.

Solution: Give them a product that generates leads. High commissions and zero competitors.

Who it Helps: Sales professionals looking to increase their income.

Looking Ahead: By standardizing the way we educate our clients and train our consultants our biggest problem will be finding new businesses.

Understanding the Portal

1. Leads- One stop shop for leads and auto dialing. Get more leads for your CRM.

2. Appointments- Calendar reminders. Mobile screen sharing for closing on the go.

3. Pipeline Data- Stats on your performance, recordings, transcriptions to help you scale.

4. Messages- Transparent communication with clients makes them comfortable with you.

5. Training- Daily updated training from a founder with a trillion dollar vision.

What You Get

Proprietary CRM

Organizes your leads, makes it easier to call faster and take notes.

Predictable Quality Leads

That have the money and have been proven to be closed.

Building Your Portfolio

Stats on your calls makes it easier to land clients new gigs of lead vendors.


to communicate with your clients in a way that will make you stand out.


Weekly group coaching, invitation to all company meetings, ground floor of all new campaigns and projects.

Guaranteed ROI in 6 Months

If our program can’t deliver you a full return.
Take it back.

Simply Put...

The Path To Your Success Is A Simple Choice

You Have The Opportunity To Become A Six Figure Closer

Partner with Us Into Proven Profit

Learn and Get Paid As You Go

Grow Your Network | Build Your Brand

It's All Done

What We Will Do With Capitalization

  • Hand you the blueprint to our billion dollar consulting network.
  • Get More Leads From Proven Sources
  • Create more content to educate the market on our offer
  • Assign you with a manager. Teach you how to provide email + follow up support
  • Get you data to practice and polish your pitch
  • Shadow appointments and video calls from your mentor and me.
  • Get paid on shadow calls. Become a part of the growth.
  • Get inbound leads for you. Teach you how to generate them on your own.
  • Hire staff to hunt and vet vendors that will perform.
  • Partner with us into JV Partnerships and new marketing channels.
  • Partner internally to develop new offers and value to our network.

I Understand You May Still Be Hesitant...

That's why I've gathered a list of the most


So You Are Ready Before Your Call!

The LLC was established on January 13th 2020. The site went live September 21st 2019. I’ve been an active automation consultant since February of 2019.

A proven lead generation and conversion process and training program in the Automation | Coaching niche.

Software | Ecom | Youtube | Trucking | Uber | Turo | Airbnb | Franchises | Coaching | to name a few.

If for any reason you are unable to see results through this training program then our company will give you a guarantee in 18 months.

Training | Leads | Opportunity | Network | Team + Support | Technology.

Sure, check out my growing Facebook group of +100 members. I post successful calls, training and meetings there almost daily. But yes I also have a spreadsheet of +30 references you can call to verify the profitability of our company and my ethics as a business person and consultant.

Of course. We’re building a billion dollar network. It’s all hands on deck. I can’t offer a salary until I raise more capital but if you can provide value I will make certain you are sufficiently compensated. Send your resume to: We have meetings every Monday at 5pm PST.

I don’t plan on ever selling I plan on scaling the brand to become an international technology firm similar to the Boston Consulting group,, or I know there will always be a demand for new customers. I plan on passing this business down to my family one day which is why I have invested so much to protect the brand. ADC is my life’s work and my purpose in life.

PS: If you’re one of those people that skip straight to the bottom of a sales letter here’s the deal… I have created an irresistible offer that will result in a billion dollar consulting firm being created in the next 2-5 years.

I have a proven track record for making companies grow. There always will be a demand for new customers. I get paid to deliver information to partners and to connect capital to opportunity.

I devised a simple way to create a viral consulting network through 1% copywriting/closing, excellent business ethics and banking.

We show our partners how to make money online without using their time. We deliver ideal customers to expert service providers. We teach consultants how to eliminate competition and to quickly scale the value of their time and network.

What makes us different from our competitors is the fact that we actually believe in everything that we do which is why we’re willing to bet on ourselves with every contract that we sign.

We’re on a mission to convert sales into a service that can be replicated into developing a viral software consulting network.

We believe that the ADC Consulting model will be used to help anyone increase capital for whatever they want. We have 10 successful case studies. We have more than 30 references. We have 2MM in verifiable banking statements. We are beyond proof of concept. It’s time to scale.

The truth is, I’m not a copywriter | closer. I'm a technology mogul.

I’m ready to start my new career.

Some things sound too good to be true. We become the automation network of online marketing.

I look forward to seeing you win.

All the best,

After The Call, You'll Know Exactly What to Do.
We Did the Work. We Have the Proof. It's All Done.

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Where we will discuss your current strategies & give you an INSIDE LOOK into which opportunities are currently yielding the highest returns.

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