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Ryan Morgan

CEO/ Founder

Ryan is a copywriter, technologist, and developer of All Done Consulting services. With a degree in political science and history from Bucknell University, Ryan is fully committed to learning how to create financial freedom online.

Founder of:


Ryan Frost

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan “Frosty” Frost is an experienced marketer, YouTuber, graphic designer, app developer, videographer, and content creator working to develop a creative agency. His role in the ADC Network is Chief Marketing Officer. Frosty manages content creation, website, and funnel design for ADC and its partners. 

Founder of:


Angie Mayora

Director of Human Resources

Angie is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, a Real estate agent, a Retired Law Enforcement Officer, and a Respiratory Care Practitioner.  She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 2015. Today, Angie is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Anger Management Specialist, and Human Resources Director for the ADC Network. 

Delos Santos


Zessa started with ADC as Ryan’s virtual assistant in 2019. She plays a key role in the company organization.

Dan-Jay Delgado

Tech Support

Dan-Jay Delgado is a jack of all trades with eight years of experience working as a freelancer and a diverse skill set in a range of business niches. Able to effectively assist company owners with marketing products and services via social media, telemarketing, and CSR.

Jacob Rosenblatt

Sales Consultant

Jacob was born and raised in Fort Lee, New Jersey. As a graduate of Arizona State University, Jacob earned a bachelor’s degree in business communications with a minor in business marketing in 2019.

Travis Kohner

Sales Consultant

Travis was sick of the nine-to-five lifestyle at the age of 19. Knowing there was a better option, he began with door-to-door sales for Vivint targeting smart homeowners. After traveling to Texas for six months, he branched out into the solar industry in Arizona.

His only office job was a brief 5-month stint at a private financing firm on Wall Street. After leaving the firm, Ryan worked as a freelance writer and startup founder, eventually leading him to develop After raising over 2MM for 12 companies in the past two years through a network of 100 clients and 150 copywriting projects, Ryan is also an industry leader among top business brokers. When he developed the ADC Network, he developed the only competition for digital marketing agencies today, with an exclusive DFY business plan anyone can use.

His role in the ADC Network is head of marketing. Frosty manages content creation, website and funnel design for ADC and its partners. He is also a leader of the ADC creative team. 

She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 2015. Today, Angie works as the Human Resources Director for the ADC Network and is a vital member of our leadership team. Taking pride in her professionalism and her commitment to excellence is how Angie brings value to ADC. Her strong desire to help others along with maintaining a highly effective organizational culture is essential to the team as she also brings encouragement and fosters strong relationships.

Since then, she has contributed from the Philippines by managing his calendar, sending out contracts, and entering leads into the CRM system. She also handles all administrative tasks and event funnel planning. Zessa plays a key role in the company organization, and her extensive knowledge of ADC is invaluable.

Able to effectively assist company owners with marketing products and services via social media, telemarketing and CSR, his skills also include data management, business automation as well as software integration. Additionally, Dan-jay specializes in ecommerce with an expert understanding of how to manage, grow and scale e-com stores. ADC takes advantage of Dan-jay’s ability to run his office out of the Philippines, managing and developing e-com stores for his clients with employees he nurtured and trained himself.

Working as a mortgage broker at Allied First Bank for over three years, he knows how to help people with home purchases as well as refinancing, interest rates, and cashout re-consolidations. Currently, Jacob brings years of sales experience as a consultant for ADC. Additionally, he has his own team at Solar Broker.

After meeting our automation consultant Alex, he knew that ADC was the next step. Able to develop his own life insurance team, Travis is a broker for multiple carriers and manages a team of agents. Looking forward, he will continue to leverage his skills to develop profitable relationships within the ADC Network. The goals of investing in ADC and business consulting automation are part of Travis’ plans for his presence in the Network. 

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