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Dear Future partner,

I don’t blame you…

There are a lot of scams going on and the more you are on the internet the more you’ll find,
in addition the more they’ll find you.


For You!


All Done Consulting's
Private Investigation Automation

Our team are trained specialists in the digital space and with their combined 30 years of experience they can spot and reveal any suspicious or illegal activities. Never again get caught with your pants down, that’s not only embarrassing but can cost you more than just money.

Just imagine...

you and your business partners buying into something that looks like a sure thing, the site looks good, the source seems legit and the con man is a smooth talker. Based on your eyes and ears everything seems like it's adding up to you getting the best deal of your life. You all go in and you even decide to double down and pull from your kids college fund. For the first few months everything appears to be going perfect, then out of nowhere, your guy with the great investment opportunity just needs a little more cash to double everyone’s money, you’ve already put up tens of thousands of dollars, why not a few more. So you transfer the money and everything goes quiet, your guy all of a sudden is super busy, weeks and months go by with little to no updates. Then it hits you, all the red flags start blaring alarm sounds in your mind, you start to panic. You promised your wife that you did everything to ensure that this was a good deal, your friends/business partners put in everything they had and now you're going to be responsible for everyone’s downfall and you all are falling hard, no collateral, no idea who the con man is and no way to find him…

You're done for.

Let me explain…

The protection you need in a digital world


Our private investigators

offer a whole range of services…

What We Can Do


Working with On the Mark Investigations on my case was a very comfortable experience. They were a professional team and kept me in the loop of the progress. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for a private investigator.
Jessica Durbin
On the Mark Investigations is a great team and gets results. He’s your go to for any of your PI needs.
Brent Bridger
Mark is so amazing he has truly been a blessing to me and my family. The fact he was on his family vacation and still took time out to make sure my questions were answered brought so much more respect and love for him. My case had to be observed in 2 different states and he made a connection to get the job done. If you need someone who cares about you more than your money this is the MAN YOU NEED TO HIRE!!! Over and beyond does not describe him nor his work.
Latasha J.

I Understand You May Still Be Hesitant...

That's Why I've Gathered A List of The Most


So You Are Ready Before Your Call!

The LLC was established on January 13th 2020. The site went live September 21st 2019. I’ve been an active automation consultant since February of 2019. 

You are buying into the proven “automation network process” created by AllDoneConsulting.com for an exclusive niche of your choice. We build your funnel and give you direct access to our app so you can watch your network grow.

We will only offer to build a brand that we’re fully interested in. If you are not happy with the returns after one year then we’ll buy it back from you. The data and process are invaluable to us and our initiative. This is why we’re offering you 50% to aid its’ success. 

Sure, I have 50 people that you can speak to that have either made significant money with me or will swear by my track record, work ethic and business model. Feel free to search for my Facebook group ADC Automation Network to see us post success and grow on a daily basis.

Of course. We’re building a billion dollar network. It’s all hands on deck. I can’t offer a salary until I raise more capital but if you can provide value I will make certain you are sufficiently compensated. Send your resume to: Ryan@AllDoneConsulting.com.

I don’t plan on ever selling AllDoneConsulting.com. I plan on scaling the brand to become an international consulting firm similar to the Boston Consulting group, MindValley.com, or Ogilvy.com. I know there will always be a demand for new customers. I plan on passing this business down to my family one day which is why I have invested so much to protect the brand. ADC is my life’s work and my purpose in life. 

Our main mission is to

Connect Partners, Providers & Consultants

By offering a platform that will revolutionize the way people automate online businesses


    We show our partners how to put their capital to work through automated business scaling opportunities.


    We provide consultants with our proven blue ocean 7 figure model allowing us to multiply our efforts


    We deliver ideal clients to our vendors on auto pilot by building out your own 3rd party organization

With All Done Consulting's App...



PS: From top to bottom On The Mark Investigations address and handle your private investigation needs. There is no problem, too big or too small, if you feel that something is off, it usually is, so get the protection you deserve.

Step one: Schedule a call.
Step Two: Meet with a private investigator
Step Three: Feel the relief knowing you have a private team working on your behalf to ensure you are not another victim.
Step Four: Make an educated decision based on the information revealed. 

Our team works fast and diligently because we respect your time and want to secure your dignity.

We look forward to seeing you win.

All the best,

After The Call, You'll Know Exactly What to Do.
We Did the Work. We Have the Proof. It's All Done.

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