We Build and Grow Your Digital Delivery Fleet You Collect the Profit

With our Uber Automation service we build you a personalized delivery fleet, handle hiring, training, paperwork and operational performance.

From the desk of Ryan Morgan aka Mr. AllDoneConsulting.com

Dear Future partner,

If you’re tired of

  • Reviewing business opportunities
  • Feeling that you never get the best deal
  • Trying new things only to end in failure
Then I have the perfect solution for you.

If you’re reading this letter then you have been handed the keys to making money online.

The Opportunity

Done For You Uber Automation.
Let us build you a fleet of cash flow cars from day one.
You sit back and collect 70% of the profit for the first year.
Receive training to take 100% ownership of your business after 12 months.”
It’s All Done

How It Works

Our Proven Process

Step 1 Collect your Tools– We provide you with our liability contracts between you and the drivers and the scripts we’ve used to hire more than 100 successful Uber drivers.

Step 2 Assemble your team– We provide you with the proven scripts and process we use to convince used car dealerships to turn their unused inventory into profit producing assets without cash or credit needed.

Step 3 Optimize Your Fleet– We provide you with software that you will use to track your cars 24/7, which insurance to use, how to improve the ratings of your rides and profitability of your business by providing your guests with amenities and how to automate the management of your entire business.

Step 4 Driver Procedures– How to hire quality hard working drivers, branding your fleet, setting up driver’s schedule with the car and expectations with checklists, locations to maximize the profitability of each trip.

Step 5 Start Getting Paid– Start immediately creating cash flow from each active car. Improve the profitability and productivity of each driver.

Step 6 Leverage Your Time– Automation operations so you don’t have to wash cars, talk to customers or handle the maintenance of any of your vehicles.

Step 7 Build Your Empire– Scale your fleet to manage more cars while also increasing the profitability of every aspect of your business by enjoying economies of scale.

Why This Is The Best Automation Model

1. No Competition

Unlike with Amazon, Ebay and Walmart models that will continue to become more and more saturated. Uber Automation is a wide open market with zero agencies currently replicating this model successfully.

2. No Credit Required

Unlike with ecom automation you will not need to have large lines of credit tied up every two weeks for inventory management.

3. No Product Selection or Marketing

With ecom there will always be variables for error based upon your team’s ability to select winning products. With Uber automation the traffic is already available with more than 14 Million rides requested per day.

4. No Suspensions

There is no risk of your money potentially being tied up through Amazon, or Walmart suspensions.

5. Training & Control Provided

Uber Automation provides an 8 week training program so you can learn exactly how to run the business if you want to have 100% control

6. Faster ROI

Unlike with Ecom where it can take months to produce positive cashflow. With our program you will begin seeing revenue from the minute you get your first trained drivers on the road.

7. Recession Proof

Thanks to Covid 19 there will always be a high demand for trained delivery drivers. Food delivery app usage will continue to rise as it is more and more common for people to dine in isolation.

How The Opportunity Works

The Cost of Our Uber Automation Services:

For the one time payment of $30,000 + $5,000 Credit Balance you will receive 70% of the profit of your Uber Automation business for first year while we manage it 100% for you.

With this purchase you receive:

 – 1-3 Cash Flowing cars immediately on the road. (Pending on your credit)
–  A proven system to hire and train a pipeline of 5 Star Drivers.
–  A process to automate, manage and scale your entire business.
– 15 Hours of Training so you can take complete control of your business.


Uber Automation Will:

1) Allow you to immediately create cash flow.
2) Put you in the driver’s seat to self employment
3) Provide you with a blue ocean market with uncapped potential.

The Terms


For the one time payment of $30,000 + $5,000 Ad spend you will receive 70% of the profit of your Uber Automation business for one year.

You will also receive an 8 week training program that will teach you exactly how to run the business. After our 1 year agreement you are free to take 100% ownership of the business.

After your purchase you will be entered into a group chat with your account management team with instructions on how to set up and track the growth of your business on either WhatsApp or Facebook.

You will be given transparent access to all of your Uber accounts.

We at All Done Consulting are offering you a 12 month buy back clause which clearly states:
If for any reason you do not receive a profitable return above your principal purchase in 12 months you are entitled to a full refund.

Who is Cashflow Cars?


We do build our own fleets but the reason why we continue to take on clients is so we have additional capital to get more cars and trained drivers on the road faster. Our goal is to offer our automation services to a few hundred clients to create an adequate proof of concept before franchising..
We are using your start up capital to hire quality drivers and purchase vehicles. The more capital you have available to purchase cars and the higher your score the faster we can create positive cash flow and make your business profitable.
You don’t have to spend time on this business to make it profitable, you are hiring a management team to run the entire fleet for you. We do come with training that teaches you how to scale your business, if you wanted to help it grow we would recommend spending your time finding more quality cars to purchase at a great rate which would take no more than 2-3 hours per week.
You will easily be able to see your profits tracked through the Uber App which will be linked directly to your corporate account.
Leverage your profits + credit to purchase more vehicles.
85/15 in your favor.
The creator of the Uber Automation program. He started the business 5 years ago from his dorm room in LSU, in his first year he made over $380,000 and has gone on to make millions. He has successfully trained 100’s of drivers to produce for this model. He has 700 students for his course and over 20 clients that have purchased his done for you Uber model.
Cashflow Cars is the name of Alan’s company that offers to set up and manage your fleet for you.
You get three advantages by going through ADC.

1) Consultation/ Strategy- we take the time to answer all of your questions while also providing you with additional collateral about what it takes to get started with any online business in the past 2 years we’ve worked with over 10 different companies on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, ClickFunnels and Walmart.

2) Additional security- By transacting through All Done Consulting you receive the added benefit of having an additional company co-sign on your 12 month buy back guarantee.

3) Training + Support- By going through ADC you will also receive video training on how to set up a profitable funnel in any niche.
Yes typically transportation businesses can be sold for a 2.5x multiple but we have helped sell a fleet in just 1.5 years.
We have a 15 hour 8 week program that explains exactly how Alan was able to go from his college dorm room to creating a multi-million dollar business completely through leveraging Uber/ ride share programs without ever having to drive a car.
using credit then they can finance vehicles for an additional (3 cars 7k 10% per car= $2,100 (best case) 20% down $4,200) Cash spent ( $6,000 per car 18K total.)
$100- $150 per car three cars $500
insurance is covered by the driver, maintenance done by the driver as well.
that pay $300/month per vehicle, sponsorships included
60% of the expenses the driver pays?
Onboarding email within first 5 days and once a week from that point on.
Within two weeks you’ll have a list of cars in your local area to purchase. Week 1 onboarding. Week 2 Finding Cars. Week 3-5 recruiting hiring drivers.
You should expect to cover the expenses of the business for 2-3 months, from there you will see positive cashflow with a break even in 5-7 months.
As you can imagine following Covid 19 there has been a large demand for online business due to the fact that so many real estate and brick and mortar investors are now forced to rethink their portfolios. For that reason we are asked this question almost on a daily basis. We used to coordinate and schedule appointments for prospects to speak to our clients but it has gotten to the point where it is a disturbance to them. Our clients didn’t buy an online business to vouch for our company, they did so to purchase passive income. When you buy our store I imagine you won’t want to take 3-5 testimony calls for us per day, will you?

If you’re one of those people that skips straight to the bottom of the letter here’s the deal. All Done Consulting and Cashflow Cars have created a partnership to deliver unmatched value to our customers.

Thanks to a new marketing agreement we made we are now able to offer our clients Uber Automation at a wholesale price meaning you will never have to pay a commission for our services.

This partnership was created to speed up the growth of both companies while also creating a better deal for you. Now you get to buy Uber Automation at a cheaper price with a 12 month money back guarantee from two American companies with a proven multiple 5 figure track record.

In addition to this security we’re also offering to provide all of our clients with training on how they can set up a personal online business on their own time.

I’m offering you a business where you don’t have to do ANYTHING to make money online.
But if you want to have hands on control. Then I will teach you everything you need to know to build your own.

Basically. I’m handing you training wheels and when you’re ready…
You can ride off into the sun set.

Schedule a Consultation with me if you’re ready to learn more about how to get started with your next online business.

I look forward to seeing you win.

After the call, you’ll know exactly what to do

We Did the Work. We have the Proof.

It’s All Done.

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