The $100 Business Expense That Isn’t a Waste (the Automation Network)

Creating value for the Automation Network is just one step in building the app + software. Moving forward with the development of marketing content for the $100 offer, the ADC Acquisitions Automation DFY fundraising matrix will be a cornerstone of the content engine. Developing a new way to organize the content catalog, the team established the best way through the use of the app feed and tags. Like many other social media network websites, members can leverage the catalog to develop capital to opportunity.

The $100 Franchising Opportunity – Addressing the Problem

The problem is that most businesses struggle during the startup phase due to poor budgeting and planning. Done-for-you strategies through the Automation Network include a one-time investment fee to access over 40 features through the app. As the All Done Consulting team and the Automation Network members create the content engine, tags will be used to create a catalog. This makes access to other members simple, easy and organized. You see, the Automation Network created the $100 offer to produce 360 million in revenue in the next 36 months with acquisition automation. Success is certain as the All Done Consulting model is proven to raise money for anything.

In just the past three years ADC generated over 5 million in revenue for over 30 services and counting! Today, ADC provides a SaaS service to automate these proven processes for business growth. As ADC has already secured partnerships with over 18 companies you can be confident that we have excellent business ethics extending through all marketing channels. This is exactly how ADC scales its models into billion-dollar companies.

Access acquisitions automation and done-for-you fundraising matrix:

  • Proven model
  • Business buyers
  • Sell services, grow & scale
  • Aggressively buying businesses
  • Access a billion-dollar network consulting app
  • The $100 business expense actually pays off!

Finding the Right Franchise Opportunity with a Network Model

The acquisition automation done-for-you fundraising model is based on the concept of selling other businesses through a viral consulting network. Over the years, ADC has proven through numerous successful case studies – the model actually works. The cultivation capital is real and now buying businesses is easy to do with acquisitions automation. The Automation Network only includes companies able to scale exponentially through our proven fundraising processes. This also supports the Automation Network for growth with transparency of traffic + data.

10 Most Common Ways Businesses Waste $100 

Business owners spend money to build, grow and scale a larger vision. Over time, many startup companies cannot get through their business plan and have to cut their losses and move on. Saving one hundred dollars does not make a big difference in business but over time wasting money usually happens in these ten ways.

10 waste businesses waste money

  1. Fraudulent service providers
  2. Fundraising
  3. Marketing
  4. Recruiting
  5. Business plans & strategies
  6. Payroll mismanagement
  7. Accounting software
  8. Under Communication 
  9. Over staffing 
  10. Poor communication

The Automation Network Actually Delivers Value

Besides these ten ways to waste money, company owners also make a BIG mistake when they do not network. For most business owners one hundred dollars is a drop in the bucket. used to leverage the Automation Network app + software provides over 40 tools applicable to any business niche. Able to leverage customer actions through the Automation Network as a third party, ADC assumes the risk so you can enjoy a customer journey.

Systematically becoming the 1st party among multiple markets provides the consulting team the ability to create highly profitable campaigns. The Automation Network already has a proven system to raise money for the trucking industry. It’s easy to replicate and show EXACTLY how we raise money for each vertical.

How Do Acquisitions of Automation DFY Fundraising Work? 

  • Purchase the services 
  • Acquire two cash-flowing assets in 6 – 8 months
  • Enjoy Automation Network acquisition franchising
  • Buy aggressively through network acquisition
  • Leverage the entire consulting network to raise capital

You can leverage the results to attract new talent without spending money on marketing materials. Let the Automation Network deliver the proven system that already provides business growth automation to numerous companies. Investment partners can be hard to find without the right financial tools. Accessing the Bitrix24 app allows you to create relationships within the network and automate real human resources. I’ll tell you … even if you’ve never used an app before – it’s easy.

Through acquisitions automation you can attract talent and automate your network, grow and scale your team. Done-for-you fundraising also attracts people available for acquisition. The end goal is to buy 2,000 companies within the upcoming 36 months. Let’s go! If you’re interested in learning more, join the Automation Network, today!

Source: FORBES

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